Foster Parents

Foster Families Change Lives

The importance of foster parents to the child welfare system cannot be overstated. Children who come into care need loving, caring family homes where they can find support, nurturing and stability. Foster parents come from a wide variety of family compositions, cultures and have different life experiences. What is important is that they are prepared to make a commitment to care for children, whether it be short or long term.

Becoming a foster parent

If you are interested in becoming a foster parent, you can begin with a phone call to your local General Authority agency. A foster care worker will explain the application process to you and discuss whether this would be the right move for you.

Prospective and Current Foster Parents

If you interested in foster parenting and want to know more or are a current foster parent and want information on standards, support, or your rights as a foster parent, please follow the links below.

Rights & Responsibilities

Foster parents play a very important role in the child welfare system. As a foster parent, it is important to know both your rights and responsibilities.



There are many resources in Manitoba for those who are interested in foster care or who are already foster parents.


Dispute Resolution and Appeals

Foster parents should be encouraged to discuss their concerns about various aspects of foster parenting.


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