Stories to Inspire

Here are some stories from the General Child and Family Services Authority that you might enjoy:

December 2017 Caring Dads co-founder conducts training at GA

December 2017 Cookies with Santa event grows larger each year

Santa provided the cool at this year's Cookies event.

September 2017 Lifebook work helps Rural & Northern Children with permanence

September 2017 14th annual AGM focuses on 'Promising Practice'

Jay Rodgers, Deputy Families Minister, spoke at the 14th annual General Authority AGM.

July 2017 KIK Picnic features lifelong volunteers

July 2017 Eastman conducts CFS training session with educators

July 2017 KIK Picnic's angel donor

The dunk tank, a new feature of the KIK Picnic this year, was very popular.

May 2017 Becoming a foster parent: What it's all about

May 2017 Eastman wins Excellence in Service Award

March 2017 COACH program changing CFS students' lives

Students in the innovative COACH program go to school off site and get specialized attention.

March 2017 CFS clients learn cooking, life skills

A group of CFS clients in Central Manitoba meets monthly to cook together and offer support to one another. Pictured above, one of the stews they cooked.

March 2017 Wendy's helps one of its Wonderful Kids get a job

A foster teen in Winnipeg waiting for adoption via the Wendy's Wonderful Kids program got a job at a local Wendy's after sending out dozens of resumes with no success.

March 2017 Safe and Together session works on perpetrator patterns

Heidi Rankin spoke about perpetrator patterns at the latest Safe and Together seminar.

November 2016 Eastman newcomer programs promote prevention

Eastman used innovative soccer programs such as a soccer dads program along with a soccer video to help newcomers learn about the CFS system in Manitoba./Dreamstime Stock Photos.

Soccer Video by Rhonda Dagg

October 2016 Safe and Together training launched

Heidi Rankin introduces innovative new domestic violence training to the General Authority and its stakeholders in October.

September 2016 Somali worker inspired by community

Warda Ahmed enjoys working with the newcomer community in Winnipeg.

June 2016: KIK Picnic still going strong in 15th year

Foster children and their families enjoy choosing a toy at the fish pond during the KIK Picnic.

June 2016: GA hosts facilitator training with CRC

Heather Meitner from the Children's Research Centre provided training at the General Authority in June.